Staff List

Nick Kemmer- Principal -  Voice Mail: 303.982.9678
Jeff Hauser - Assistant Principal - Voice Mail: 303.982.4192
Jolie Lone - Assistant Principal - Voice Mail: 303.982.9337

Please call the main office to be transferred directly to a member of the staff. 
Phone numbers listed are for voice mail messages only. 

Last Name First Name Voice Mail Grade Email Website
Abling  Shauna  303-982-6254  Social Studies GT Ms. Abling's Website 
Ahn Laura  303-982-8236 Choir  Ms. Ahn's Website
Alameddin  Alex   303-982-6271  7th Math  Mr. Alameddin's Website
Allen  Eric   303-982-6295  7th Language Arts   
Belloni Jarret 303-982-6282 Special Ed. Para  
Bishop  Travis (Anthony)   303-982-6282  SSN Para 
Bizarro  Jeanmarie  303-982- 6282 Speech Language Pathologist   
Blake  Christine  303-982-6331  ESL  
Boehlke Jenny 303-982-6265 8th Science  
Borochoff-Porte Hannah 303-982-6282 LMC Para  
Botkin  Kris   303-982-6269  8th Language Arts  Ms. Botkin's Website
Brauer  Erin 303-982-6218 7th Language Arts  
Bromfield  Jon 303-982-7318 Tech Ed  
Bruns  Nicole   303-982-6250  7th Science  Mrs. Bruns' Website
Christopherson Tyler 303-982-6282 Food Service Worker  
Colagrosso Lisa 303-982-5147 Health Aide
Collins  Cheri   303-982-6262  7th Math  Mrs. Collins' Website
Couch  Anna   303-982-6299  Cafeteria Manager   
Courmier  Ashley   303-982-9022  7th Grade Counselor  Counseling Website 
Curcurio  Elaine   303-982-9242  Instructional Coach   
Curran Vanessa  303-982-9696  7th Language Arts  
Daly Krysta 303-982-6274  SSN  
Djedovic  Muhamed  303-982-6300  Facility Manager   
Dry  Jason   303-982-5946  7/8 Spanish  Mr. Dry's Website 
Ewer  Michelle   303-982-7296  7/8 Orchestra  Mrs. Ewer's Website 
Gisetti  Alexandra 303-982-6282 Occupational Therapist  
Goldanloo  Julie   303-982-1332  7/8 Math/ALEKS  Ms. Goldanloo's Website
Harper Garrett  802-982-6282 SSN Para  
Hauser  Jeff   303-982-4192  8th Grade Assistant Principal   
Holcombe  Andrew  303-982-6267  7/8 Band  Mr. Holcombe's Website 
Jacobsen  Theresa  303-982-4144  7/8 FACS & 8th Science  Ms. Jacobsen's Website 
Javier Charlotte 303-982-8035 Vision  
Jones  Andi 303-982-6245  SPED & Read 180   
Keegan  Monica  303-982-5953  7th Social Studies  Mrs. Keegan's Website 
Kemmer  Nick   303-982-9678  Principal   
Kirtley Josh 303-982-6284 8th Math Mr. Kirtley's
Kline  Sheri   303-982-6309  8th Language Arts  Mrs. Kline's Website 
Kozic Nermin 303-982-6282 Night Head Custodian  
Kramer Ashley 303-982-6252 SPED  
Krutsch  Lisa   303-982-6230  Attendance/Enrollment Secretary   
LaPlant  Geoff  303-982-2694  8th Grade Counselor   
Lewthwaite Audra 303-982-6282 SSN Para  
Lindeman Samantha 303-982-6328 Social Emotional Learning Specialist  
Lone  Jolie   303-982-9337  7th Grade Assistant Principal  Ms. Lone's Website 
Mace  Laura  303-982-5171  Language Arts GT Ms. Mace's Website 
Marston  Lauren  303-982-5378  8th Language Arts  Ms. Marston's Website 
Matteson  Mike 303-982-6282 Custodian  
McCrea  Beth  303-982-9984  7/8 ESL  Ms. McCrea's Website 
McLaughlin  Sean  303-982-5375  8th Social Studies  Mr. McLaughlin's Website 
Moody  Maurine   303-982-5918  7/8 Art  Mrs. Moody's Website 
Muilenburg  Terry   303-982-6259  7/8 Physical Education  Mr. Muilenburg's Website 
Paulus Jennifer 720-450-1904 JCMH  
Perea  Laurie 303-982-6320 GT Counselor  
Peterson Michael 303-982-6282 Custodian   
Rizzo  Peggy   303-982-5437  8th Math  Mrs. Rizzo's Website 
Ruby  Ruth  303-982-6282  SSN Para   
Sandblom  Lee  303-982-6298  7th Science  Mr. Sandblom's Website 
Schneider  Jenny 303-982-9262 SPED  
Shipley Brookhouse  Jennifer   303-982-6282 SSN Para   
Simpson  Jessi  303-982-6268  School Psychologist - Ed.S  Counseling Website 
Sirhal  Brooke   303-982-6286  Special Education/ Math   
Spiekermann Sabrina 303-982-6282 Food Service Worker  
Stapleton  Sam 303-982-6221 8th Science   
Stewart  Lauren  303-982-9157  GT Resource Teacher   
Streitenberger  Janet 303-982-6282 Special Ed. Para  
Sutton  Ruth 303-982-6282  VIsion  
Tatalaski  Linda   303.982.6258  Digital Teacher/Librarian  Mrs. Tatalaski's Website 
Temple  Judith  303-982-6282  SSN Para   
Tralles  Clair 303-982-6282 Sp. Ed. Para  
Vasquez  Kira   303-982-6242  7th Social Studies  Mrs. Vasquez's Website 
Vaughn Stephanie 303-982-1814 7th/8th Math  
Walker  Bonnie   303-982-9545  7/8 Physical Education  Mrs. Walker's Website 
Walker  Craig   303-982-6290  Science GT  Mr. Walker's Website 
Watchman Tamara 303-982-2810  8th Social Studies  
Weaver Scott 303-982-6282  ISS/SSC  
Wilbur  Mary   303-982-6244  Principal's Secretary   
Wood  Kermit   303-982-6285  Dean  Mr. Wood's Website 
Yarletts  Brady   303-982-6248  Math GT Mr. Yarletts' Website
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