Staff List

Nick Kemmer- Principal -  Voice Mail: 303.982.9678
Jeff Hauser - Assistant Principal - Voice Mail: 303.982.4192
Jolie Lone - Assistant Principal - Voice Mail: 303.982.9337
Kermit Wood - Assistant Principal - Voice Mail: 303.982.6285

Please call the main office to be transferred directly to a member of the staff. 
Phone numbers listed are for voice mail messages only. 

 Last Name  First Name  Voicemail Grade Email  Website
Abrams Herb 303-982-3360 8th Grade Social Studies - Green [email protected]  
Alameddin  Alex   303-982-6271  7th Grade Math - Blue [email protected]  Mr. Alameddin's Website
Alexander  Dustin  303-982-3844 8th Grade Counselor [email protected]   
Bacon  Emily  JCMH   [email protected]  Counseling Website
Bieber   Abby  303-982-6077  8th Grade Math - Green [email protected] Ms. Bieber's Website 
Bleau Chris 303-982-6442 6th Grade GT Math/Science - Purple
[email protected]
Mr. Bleau's
Bloom  Alayna 303-982-3824 7th/8th GT SS - Purple     
Boehlke Jenny 303-982-6265 7th/ 8th Grade Science GT - Purple [email protected] Ms. Boehlke
Botkin  Kris   303-982-6269  8th Grade Language Arts - Green [email protected]   Ms. Botkin's Website
Brown  Amanda


 8th Grade ELA - Orange [email protected]  
Bruns  Nicole   303-982-6250  6th Grade Science - Yellow [email protected]  Mrs. Bruns' Website
Bryson Peggy 303-982-3816 Choir/Theatre [email protected] Ms. Bryan's 
Collard  Sophie   LMC Para [email protected]  
Collins  Cheri   303-982-6262  7th Grade Math - Red  [email protected]  Mrs. Collins' Website
Collins Tyler 303-982-0721 7th Grade Social Studies - Blue [email protected]
Mr. Collin's Website
Driscoll Catherine 303-982-6240 6th Grade Language Arts & SS - Pink [email protected]
Ms. Driscoll's Website
Duplessis Zenna   ESL Tutor [email protected]  
Encinias Anita 303-982-2740 Social Emotional Learning Specialist [email protected]  Ms. Encinias Website
Falconer  Wendy 303-982-6395 6th Grade Language Arts - Yellow [email protected]
Ms. Falconer's Website
Geatz Jenna 303-982-5922  ESL [email protected]  
Glasscock Jordyn 303-9823217 Band/Orchestra [email protected]
Goldanloo  Julie   303-982-1332  Computer & Info Technology [email protected]  Ms. Goldanloo's Website
Hack Katie 303-982-4835 6th Grade Math - Yellow [email protected] Ms. Hack's Website
Hammer  Terri 303-982-3482  Financial Secretary  [email protected]  
Hansen Colby 303-982-9727 6th Grade GT Social Studies /Language Arts - Purple [email protected]  Mr. Hansen's
Hansen  Perri 303-982-5882 7th Grade Science-Red [email protected]   
Hauser  Jeff   303-982-4192  6th Grade Assistant Principal  [email protected]   
Heinz Stephanie 303-982-5880  Spanish [email protected] Ms. Heinz's Website 
Hurst Christie 303-982-7457 6th Grade Science - Pink [email protected] Ms. Hurst's Website
Jones  Andi 303-982-6245  Learning Specialist [email protected]  Ms. Jones' 
Kardasz Jordan 303-982-1057  ESL [email protected] Ms.Kardasz's Website
Kelekian Jessica 303-982-1320
7th Grade Students [email protected]  
Kemmer  Nick   303-982-9678  Principal  [email protected]   
Kirtley Josh 303-982-6284 8th Grade Science - Orange [email protected] Mr. Kirtley's
Krutsch  Lisa   303-982-6230  Attendance/Enrollment Secretary  [email protected]   
Landa  Maria   Special Ed Para [email protected]  
Larsen Kevin 303-982-7354 Band  [email protected]  
Lone  Jolie   303-982-9337  8th Grade Assistant Principal  [email protected]  Ms. Lone's Website 
McRae Shelley 303-982-6289 6th Grade Counselor

[email protected]  
Mikulionis Svaja 303-982-1990   7th/8th Grade GT ELA [email protected]  
Miller  Cory 303-982-3261 Learning Specialist [email protected]  
Muilenburg  Terry   303-982-6259  6th/7th/8th Physical Education  [email protected]  Mr. Muilenburg's Website 
Murphy Adelaide 303-982-5001 Learning Specialist [email protected] Ms. Murphy's Website
Murphy Alison 303-982-8039 6th/7th/8th Physical Education [email protected]  Ms. Murphy's Website
Navik  Valerie 303-982-3464 Learning Specialist [email protected] Ms. Navik's Website
Perea  Laurie 303-982-6320 GT Counselor [email protected] Counseling Website  
Petersen Jared 303-982-6279 8th Grade Social Studies - Orange  [email protected]us Mr. Petersen Website
O'Neil Christian 303-982-6274 8th Grade Science - Green [email protected] Mr. O'Neil's Website 
Rawson Hannah 303-982-0051 7th Grade Social Studies - Yellow [email protected] Ms. Rawson's Website
Redell Julia 303-982-3476 6th Grade Math - Pink [email protected] Ms. Redell's Website 
Rivera Brandy 303-982-8009 Occupational Therapist [email protected]   
Robles Luis 303-982-0867
Bilingual Family Liaison
[email protected]
Runyan Zephyr 303-982-5862 6th/7th/8th Grade Art

[email protected]  Runyan's 
Sandblom  Lee  303-982-6298  7th Grade Science - Blue  le[email protected]  Mr. Sandblom's Website 
Sandoval  Megan 303-982-3245 SSN [email protected]
Saunders Samantha 303-982-3291  7th Grade ELA - Red  [email protected] Ms. Saunders' Website
Schneider  Jenny 303-982-9262 Learning Specialist [email protected] Ms. Schneider's Website 
Sorency Cris 303-982-7266   Technical Education [email protected] Mr. Sorency's Website
Staffeld  Lauren 303-982-5378  7th Grade Language Arts Blue [email protected] Ms. Staffeld's Website
Stapleton  Sam 303-982-6221 STEM [email protected]  Mr. Stapleton's
Tatalaski  Linda   303.982.6258  Digital Teacher/Librarian  [email protected]  Mrs. Tatalaski's Website 
Temple  Judith 
SSN Para  [email protected]   
Tomar  Dan 303-982-1859 6th Social Studies - Yellow [email protected]  
Vaughn Stephanie 303-982-1814 8th Grade Math - Green [email protected] Mrs. Vaughn's 
Bryan Rachel 303-982-6481 FACS Family and Consumer Science [email protected] Ms. Van Vorst's Website 
Waugh Danica 303-982-6266 SSN [email protected]  
West  Jonathan 303-982-5809 Orchestra  [email protected]  
Wilbur  Mary 303-982-6282 Principal's Secretary   [email protected]  
Wood  Kermit   303-982-6285  7th Grade Assistant Principal [email protected]   
Yarletts  Brady   303-982-6248  7/8 Grade Math GT - Purple [email protected]
Mr. Yarletts' Website

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