Why Gifted Learners Need a GT Program

Gifted & talented students require continued ability-appropriate challenges in the classroom in order to thrive. Without new challenges and intellectual stimulation, these students will become bored and disinterested in classes that are too easy for them. 

Gifted students also require a curriculum that will meet their social-emotional needs. Without this support, students are likely to struggle both socially and academically down the line. By meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of gifted students, the GT Center Program gives them the tools they need for future success. 

How the Program Sets Students Up For Success

  • The rigorous curriculum is designed to challenge students and guide them towards deeper levels of understanding.
  • GT classrooms offer a variety of methods for learning, including collaborative group work, hands-on projects, and constructive class discussions. 
  • Social-emotional support is woven into the curriculum.
  • The curriculum encourages students to make long-term plans and goals.
  • ALPs empower students to take ownership over their learning and set their own academic goals. 
  • Students learn how to be successful digital citizens by utilizing the latest educational technologies. 
  • Student goals are kept on track with frequent student-teacher meetings to revisit their goals and reassess their progress.
  • The program seeks to give students the skills they need to be valuable members of the community through volunteer projects within the school and in the larger community.
  • Classroom structure is designed to keep students engaged by offering opportunities for movement, hands-on learning, and allowing students to explore their interests.
  • The GT Center Program will meet the needs of your student. If they excel in one area and need more support in others, their schedule can be customized to place them in classes that meet their needs.
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