This is a picture of signs with Spanish words on them written by students for Spanish classes.This is an image of two students' hands writing Spanish on a paper.This is a photo of a few students doing group work together in Spanish class.


Spanish 101

Full Year 6th/7th Grade

Students explore the Spanish language to gain fluency.  Focus is placed on speaking, listening, reading, and writing using skits, reading stories, watching interactive videos, conversing, and learning the basics of communication. Students learn about Spanish-speaking cultures through class discussion and interaction as well as through videos and projects.

Spanish 102

Full Year 7th/8th Grade
Spanish 101 is a pre-requisit
In Spanish 102, students continue their exploration of the Spanish language. Focus is placed on speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will review the basics of present tense construction and start learning the past tense. Culture continues to be an important aspect of the class through discussions, projects and videos. After successful completion of 102, students enroll in Spanish 2 when they enter high school.

Spanish II

Full Year
8th Grade

Prerequisites: Spanish 101 and Spanish 102, or teacher approval. Spanish II builds upon skills and knowledge developed in Spanish 101 and 102, extending students' ability to understand and express themselves in Spanish. This includes improved pronunciation and application of grammatical structures, expansion of vocabulary, and a deeper understanding of cultural information and norms. Successful completion of this course will allow students to enter High School Spanish Level 3.


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