Section 504

Section 504

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is Congress's directive to schools receiving any federal funding to eliminate discrimination based on disability from all aspects of school operation. At each school, the responsibility for ensuring Section 504 compliance rests with the building principal or principal's designee.

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Steps for 504

Your student's counselor will be the 504 coordinator and will help guide you through the process. Once contact is made with your school counselor and your concerns are thoroughly expressed, a team will start to monitor, track, and collect academic data on your student. Interventions will also be implemented to try and help your student be successful. If the data and interventions support the idea of pursuing a 504 plan and the parent wants to pursue one, then the steps below will be followed. 

Step 1: Referral

Click here to access the referral form. A student should be referred for a 504 plan if there is a suspicion that a physical or mental impairment is creating a substantial barrier for the child to access their education. Referrals should be sent to your child's school counselor. 

Step 2: Evaluation

Once a referral is received, the counselor will establish a 504 team that will evaluate your child. Your student's counselor will have you fill out a Consent to Evaluate form and then a date will be set for the evaluation. The team will consist of the school counselor, teachers, parents, the student, and any other stakeholders. At the evaluation, a determination will be made if your student is eligible for a 504 plan.

Step 3: Plan Creation

If it is determined that your child is eligible for a 504, then the 504 team will write a 504 plan. In this plan, your student's physical or mental impairment will be described, as well as accommodations and modifications that the school must provide to your student. 

Step 4: Annual Review

Each year, your student's 504 coordinator will hold a review meeting where the 504 plan will be reviewed. In addition to this, a re-evaluation will be conducted every 3 years at the annual review. 

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