Spot Light On GT Learners

Spotlight On GT Learners

Every month, there will be new items on this page that support parents and their GT students.  For the month of November, the topic is The Importance of Questions to Encourage Curiosity.

Why Students Should Ask Why

According to growth mindset experts at InnerDrive, research shows that students having  a “hungry mind” is a strong predictor of achievement in school.

·         When students ask questions, it supports a student’s curiosity and learning

·         When students ask “why?”, they begin to develop a lens of critical thinking

·         Students who ask “why?” extend that ability to self questioning which supports the development of self-reflective skills 

Want to know more?  Read the article Why Students Should Ask Why on the InnerDrive website!

Family Learning Opportunities
 The Right Question Institute has developed a fun and exciting way to engage both students and adults in developing curiosity.  Their process, called The Question Formulation Technique, is described in this article from MindShift.  Try this at home with a topic or artifact of your family's choosing!
 When your students are working on math at home or when you see math in the world around you, practice together answering and asking some of these 100 Questions That Promote Mathematical Discourse.
When you read together at home or when you discuss things that members of the family might be reading independently, these questions promote critical thinking that supports deeper understanding.  They are from the University of Connecticut NAEG School of Education.
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