What We Do

The purpose of the GT Center Program is to build each student’s unique gifts, so they can work effectively towards being a self-directed, educated, motivated, and socially conscious member of the community. The program accomplishes this by:
  • Centering the rigorous curriculum around Higher Level Questioning
  • Going on educational field trips to take learning outside of the classroom
  • Utilizing Project-Based Learning to let students do research on their own passion projects
  • Supporting Social and Emotional Development by building a strong sense of community with intellectual peers
  • Accelerating, deepening, and expanding the academic core to appropriately challenge students
  • Involving students within the community through volunteer projects 
  • Offering engaging, hands-on electives like Tech, STEM, Orchestra, Band, Mentorship, Art, P.E., Family & Consumer Science, Teacher’s Aide, and Computer Skills 


All students in the GT Center Program will work with their parents and teachers to create an ALP (Advanced Learning Plan) based on their strengths, goals, and interests. ALPs are used as a blueprint to help students advance academically and develop their specific strengths. The goals that students create for their ALPs are frequently reviewed throughout the year in order to monitor their progress.

The goal of ALPs is to help students become independent learners and self-advocates. When students become autonomous learners with support from their parents and teachers, they will:
  • Take control of their learning
  • Become strength-based learners
  • Develop a deeper understanding of their learning style
  • Strive to improve their education
  • Acquire skills that will benefit them in future learning situations
  • Develop a sense of their abilities and become self-motivated to improve 
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